The Original "Flat Stanley"
Pics from around the world...

"W" with Stanley!

Stanley on a Trip!

Flat Stanley at Tiger Stadium

Stanley in a Gator Mouth

Stanley on the beach

Stanley with the troops

Stanley in Hollywood!

With some ducks!

Clint Eastwood with Stanley
"Go ahead...make my day."


The "Flat ECB" Mail Project

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Want to get involved with a crazy project that is launching in 2009???
Welcome to the "Flat ECB Mail project"
...I need YOU!

"Flat ECB" visits the Uwharrie Rivier in NC
Visited with: Lee

The "FLAT ECB" Photo Album

EC fans: Have you ever heard of the 1964 children's book, Flat Stanley???
Well if is the Plot Line:

Stanley Lambchop and his younger brother Arthur are given a big bulletin board by their Dad for putting pictures and posters on. He hangs it on the wall over Stanley's bed, but during the night the board falls from the wall, flattening Stanley in his sleep. He survives and makes the best of his altered state, and soon he is entering locked rooms by sliding under the door, and playing with his younger brother by being used as a kite. Stanley even helps catch some art museum sneak thieves by posing as a painting on the wall! But one special advantage is that Flat Stanley can now visit his friends by being mailed in an envelope.

What's the deal???

Most of you guys know that I'm an elementary Art Teacher. I recently learned a lot more about Flat Stanley and all the things that you can do with this book. In school...students usually use Flat Stanley to learn letter writing and reading skills. They create a drawing of Stanley and then mail him out to family friends that take him on outings, the recipients photograph and record their adventures and send Stanley back to the students along with their pics and stories.  But of course..... is going to shake things up a bit!

I thought it would be cool to get a list started of ECB fans that want to get involved with this project during 2009. Here's how it will work...

  • I am in the process of finishing up a "Flat ECB" ...what is that you say??? well....check out the pics below of Flat Stanley...except imagine it looking like Eric with the band standing behind him!
  • After creating a list of names and addresses I will send out a packet to one random person on the list. In the packet will be complete details of this project and step by step instructions on what I need from you. Along with directions the packet will also include, "The Flat ECB" which will be laminated (you know in case they want to go in the hot tub!) , a journal, and a list of names and addresses of ECB fans that are participating in the project.
  • You will basically take "The Flat ECB" around with you to interesting places and photograph your adventures. Remember to record the locations and dates in the journal so that I can add it to a final scrapbook that Eric will be getting a copy of! 
  • This project is really what you make of it. Some people have more time on their hands than others. That's fine...just do what you can. Be creative. I would like for everyone to keep the packet atleast a week but no longer than two weeks if possible. 
  • Do I pay for mailing the package??? Yes... you will be responsible for paying shipping on the package.'s going to be your decision to participate or not so plan ahead. I don't think it will be anything outrageous. A few dollars at the most. If it starts to get heavy ship it back to me and I will rearrange and ship it back out.
  • You will check your name off the list as you get the package and then send it to someone on the list who hasn't  received it yet...just like a chain letter.

Creative things that I have seen done with

Flat Stanley:

  • Pictures from the air (Plane trips)
  • Flat Stanley in a mosh pit
  • In front of a beautiful or famous landscape/mark
  • Laying out on the beach with sunglasses added
  • Homemade accessories added to package
  • Postcards, coasters, business cards, ticket stubs added to journal from adventures.
  • Kids or Animals playing with Stanley
  • Funny camera angles
  • Dangerous adventures (someone went sky diving  and mountain climbing with him etc.)
  • Talking to barbee...*wink wink* ...hahahaha!


  •  Project Runs: 1/1/2009-12/31/2009
  • Send in your name and address to participate by Friday 2/13/2009.
  • The first mailing of Flat Stanley will begin on 2/14/2009 VALENTINES DAY...How Appropriate!
  • From 1/1/2009-2/12/2009 Flat ECB will be getting a test run with ME and seeing if they can hold up against the elements. They will be in the gym training, and trying to hold their alcohol in prepartation to go on the road with you bunch of crazy Choir folks! Pics are coming!
  • WHAT IF I MISS THE DEADLINE FOR JOINING??? Well....don't.  Haha...if you do still want to participate and we have room for you then I will try my best to get the package to you after  everyone on the first list has finished. It just depends on the number of fans that participte.

Meet "Flat ECB"!
I'm ready to meet you!

Flat Stanley Links:

FS on Wikipedia

The Original Flat Stanley

The Book Cover "Flat Stanley"
By: Jeff Brown

Where in the world is the "Flat ECB"?
We will keep up with the most recent Flat ECB adventures below...Where they are at and where they are going!






SIGN UP FOR The "Flat ECB" Mail Project:
  • Note: Your address will not be posted on this site. It will only be included in the packet.

no longer taking addresses...thank you.

When it's all said and done...
One of my favorite things to do is scrapbook.
 As your photographs, stories, and any other items collected during this project come in I will organize them in to a scrapbook. I figure this would be a really cool and unique item to give to Eric and also display a copy at any Reunions that we have in the future!
Here's a photo of a Flat Stanley mail packet:
Size may vary but it will look similar to this...except of course if will be the ECB!

Packet Example

"I come from a long line of Sinners like me"-EC