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Calling all Diehard Eric Church Fans!

Let's see your 'E' Fan File! 

Here is a great place to learn more about fellow ECB fans. See what you have in common or why others love tha EC sound! See how far Eric's music stretches accross the world.  

Make sure you include the following info for your personal ‘E’ File: (ps: any information that does not apply to you or you do not feel comfortable sharing can be omitted)

  • Name(or nickname):
  • Email:
  • Any (AIM,MSN,Yahoo, etc.) Screen names:
  • WebPages/Myspace Etc:
  • Age and B-day:
  • Location (city,state):
  • How you became an Eric Church fan:
  • Fav Eric Church song:
  • Your Other favorite artists:
  • Favorite Quote:
  • Hobbies:
  • Have you seen Eric live?(Where? or Name your fav show location)
  • Anything else special that you would like to add:


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On the Bus!

  • Name(or nickname): SHRIVERDIVER
  • Email:Shriverdiver21@aol.com
  • Any (AOL,MSN,Yahoo, etc.) Screen names: shriverdiver21
  • WebPages: n/a
  • Age and B-day: (24) June 29th, 1982
  • Location (city,state): Corinth,MS Hometown Chicago,IL
  • How you became an Eric Church fan: Saw him Live I was hooked
  • Fav Eric Church song: Can't Take It With You When You Go
  • Your Other favorite artists: Brad Paisley
  • Favorite Quote: n/a
  • Hobbies: Softball, Fishing, Concerts
  • Have you seen Eric live?(Where?)
    June 4th:  Southaven,MS   w/ Skynard & Jason Adean
    July 18th  Twin Lakes,WI       Country Thunder
    Oct 28th:  Memphis,TN          BB Kings Me And Myself Tour
    Nov 27th:  Cincinnati,OH          Bob Seger Tour
    Jan 20th:  Waterloo,IA       w/ Dierks Bentley  
    May 22nd: Memphis,TN          Gibson Lounge
    May 23rd: Starkville,MS          Ricks Cafe
    Apr 11th:  Olive Branch,MS     Wal-Mart Parking Lot
    Apr 12th   Hoover,AL              Wal-Mart Parking Lot
    June 28TH  Memphis, TN  Beale St Music Fest

    NJ Church Choir Representing!


    • Name(or nickname):  Meg
    • Email: email me through the boards!
    • Any (AOL,MSN,Yahoo, etc.) Screen names:  psubellescarlett , northernbelle09 on the boards!
    • WebPages: http://community.webshots.com/user/mkk155
    • Age and B-day: 22, 8/21/1984 
    • Location (city,state):  Glassboro, NJ
    • How you became an Eric Church fan: n/a
    • Fav Eric Church song:  What I Almost Was, Livin Part of Life
    • Your Other favorite artists:  Dierks Bentley, Randy Rogers Band, Brad Paisley
    • Favorite Quote:  "Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that.  Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that." Martin Luther King Jr.
    • Hobbies:  concert road trips, reading, writing poetry, flute
    • Have you seen Eric live?(Where?)  YES! 
      York, Pa
      Philadelphia, PA
      Albany, NY
      Hamilton, Ontario
      Erie, PA

    Kim Getting Eric's GUITAR autographed on stage!!!
    May 20th, 2007 SCHS Show

  • Name(or nickname): Kim
  • Email: knccarswell@charter.net
  • Any (AOL,MSN,Yahoo, etc.) Screen names: Knc(EC Board)
  • WebPages:
  • Age and B-day: 26 December 15,1980
  • Location (city,state): Granite Falls (Hometown)
  • How you became an Eric Church fan: Knowing his brother, and coming from my hometown   
  • Fav Eric Church song: ALL Can't choose
  • Your Other favorite artists: Garth Brooks
  • Favorite Quote: Karma-What goes around comes around and I hope I'm there when it does
  • Hobbies: Kids!
  • Have you seen Eric live?(Where?) Yes more than once.. 2 Hometown shows, Charlotte, NC
  • Anything else special that you would like to add: I was the 2nd person Eric ever gave a guitar too!

    Stacie and Eric!

    • Name:  Stacie
    • Screen name:  dalejr8racinfan
    • Age and BDay:  33, 11/21/1973
    • Location:  Coatesville, PA
    • How you became an Eric Church fan:  I heard the song How ‘Bout You and found out that he was going to be in the area with Brad Paisley.  Seeing Eric perform live sealed the deal!
    • Fav EC Song:  Can’t Take It With You
    • Other Favorite Artists:  Toby Keith, Blake Shelton, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Dierks Bentley, Gary Allan
    • Favorite Quote: n/a
    • Hobbies:  Watching and attending NASCAR races, spending time with my family, reading, road trips to EC shows with my Choir friends
    • Have you seen Eric live:  Yes
    • 7/06      Harrington, DE w/Brad Paisley
    • 8/06      Towson, MD at Recher’s Theater
    • 9/06      York, PA w/Brad Paisley
    • 10/06    Philadelphia, PA w/Rascall Flatts
    • 11/06    Buffalo, NY at Buckin’ Buffalo Saloon (Me and Myself Tour)
    • 11/06    Albany, NY at Starline(?) (Me and Myself Tour)
    • 11/06    Denver, CO at Grizzly Rose
    • 11/06    Park City, UT at Suede
    • 11/06    Scottsdale, AZ at The Venue of Scottsdale
    • 3/07      Rochester, NY w/Dierks Bentley
    • 3/07      Erie, PA w/Dierks Bentley
    • 6/07      Dewey Beach, DE at The Bottle and Cork
    • 6/07      Hanover, MD at Cancun Cantina
    • 6/07      Reinholds, PA at Reinhold’s Memorial Park
    • 7/07      Lowville, NY
    • 7/07      Philadelphia, PA
    • 8/07      Morrison, CO (Red Rocks)
    • 10/07    Morganton, NC


    Nikki and Eric!

  • Name(or nickname): Nikki (sassyone_77)
  • Email: sassyone_77@yahoo.com
  • Any (AOL,MSN,Yahoo, etc.) Screen names: yahoo: sassyone0918
  • WebPages:
  • Age and B-day: 29 December 9th
  • Location (city,state): Robinson, IL
  • How you became an Eric Church fan: Hooked after hearing How Bout You
  • Fav Eric Church song: Lightning
  • Your Other favorite artists: Keith Urban, Dierks Bentley, Jake Owen, Keith Anderson
  • Favorite Quote: "Life is a balance of holding on and letting go." Keith Urban
  • Hobbies: Concerts, Road Trips, Reading, Surfing the net
  • Have you seen Eric live?(Where?) Yes
  • Nashville, TN and Indianapolis, IN
  • Anything else special that you would like to add:
  • Shawna And Eric!!!

  • Name(or nickname): Shawna
  • Email: shjonas@hotmail.com
  • Any (AOL,MSN,Yahoo, etc.) Screen names: msn & facebook shjonas@hotmail.com
  • Age and B-day: November 13, 1982
  • Location (city,state): Coquitlam, BC, Canada
  • How you became an Eric Church fan: Saw him open for Dierks.... the rest is history
  • Fav Eric Church song: tie between Pledge Allegiance To The Hag and How 'Bout You
  • Your Other favorite artists: Dierks, Brad Paisley, Kenny Chesney and many others
  • Favorite Quote: Time is precious, Waste it wisely!
  • Hobbies: Music, trying to play the guitar, snowboarding, going for drinks with buds, watching movies... my life mainly revolves around school though
  • Have you seen Eric live?(Where?) YES
    1st time - January 2007 opening for Dierks
    2nd & 3rd & 4th time - June 2007 - Ryman, Riverfront and Nashville Tree Choir during Fan Fair
    4th time - October 2007 - Stanfield Washington
  • Anything else special that you would like to add: I need to move to the states so I can join all you other choir members that get to follow him all over the place :(


  • Valerie and Deloris at the Tree Choir TN

    1) Deloris
    5) Jan.12,1952  56
    6) Granite Falls, NC
    7) thru my daughter
    8) The Hag & Guys Like Me
    9) Brad and Rodney Atkins
    10) It takes more love to let something go than to keep it
    11) reading & playing games on pogo
        Lenoir show
        CJs in Charlotte
         SCHS homecoming
        Morganton show
         Chattanooga Tree Choir
         Rhythm and Blues
    13) the whole ECB band is a great bunch of guys

    Rachel and Eric

  • Name(or nickname): Rachel
  • Email: Heim618@aol.com
  • Any (AOL,MSN,Yahoo, etc.) Screen names: above.
  • WebPages: www.myspace.com/one2three4ilovethemarines
  • Age and B-day: 19, June 1.
  • Location (city,state): Felton, Pennsylvania
  • How you became an Eric Church fan: His music speaks for itself. So I had to catch a show again!
  • Fav Eric Church song: "Julia" is my favorite! Off the SLM record, "Can't Take It With You"
  • Your Other favorite artists: Alison Krauss, 3 Doors Down, Dierks Bentley, Miranda Lambert, Josh Turner, etc.
  • Favorite Quote: I dont have one.
  • Hobbies: Concerts, Traveling, Spending time with my family.
  • Have you seen Eric live?(Where?) Yes. More than I can count on both hands! Catch you on the road!
  • Anything else special that you would like to add: ECB Rocks! :D
  • The 3 'E' Files Below Go with this Great Picture
    Fans from across the Sea!!!


    Name(or nickname): Thomas  I´m the man in the middle

    Email: thomas_weberbauer@web.de

    • Any (AOL,MSN,Yahoo, etc.) Screen names: -
    • WebPages:
    • Age and B-day: 17.12.1979
    • Location (city,state): Würzburg, Bavaria, Germany

              How you became an Eric Church fan: heared the album at a  local music store

    • Fav Eric Church song: Sinners like me, Two pink lines
    • Your Other favorite artists: The Band,  Brad Paisley, Luke Bryan, Keith Urban...
    • Favorite Quote: Tony Parsons: Music is not there to save the world, it is there to save your life!  
    • Hobbies: Basketball, guitar, music
    • Have you seen Eric live?(Where?): Unfortunately not


    Name(or nickname): Jake I'm on the right side

    Email: jake_@t-online.de

    Any (AOL,MSN,Yahoo, etc.) Screen names: -


    :Age and B-day: December 22, 1972 / 35

    Location (city,state): Bavaria, Germany

    How you became an Eric Church fan: got “Sinners like me” from a sinner like me

    Fav Eric Church song: Two Pink Lines, Livin’ Part Of Life

    Your Other favorite artists: Kid Rock, Keith Urban, Mr. Big, Van Halen, … Dirk Nowitzki  ;-)

    Favorite Quote: René Egli: The world is, what you think of it.

    Hobbies: Basketball, playing guitar

    Have you seen Eric live?(Where?) No – so come to Germany, please!!!

    Anything else special that you would like to add: 


    Name(or nickname): Manomaniac  I'm on left side!

    Email: manodilito@gmx.de

    Any (AOL,MSN,Yahoo, etc.) Screen names:

    WebPages: www.beachbaskets.de

    Age and B-day: nearly 30, 31.07.1978

    Location (city,state): Würzburg

    How you became an Eric Church fan:because of my great friend Thomas

    Fav Eric Church song: Guys like me

    Your Other favorite artists: Scott Stapp

    Favorite Quote:

    Hobbies: Basketball, drinking, sports, drinking, reading a book while drinking and partying with drinking

    Have you seen Eric live?(Where?) No, he needs to come to Germany

    Anything else special that you would like to add:

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    "I come from a long line of Sinners like me"-EC