Church Choir Reunion 2007 & 2008 RECAP

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Below are the details of our 2008 Church Choir reunion that was held on 9/19/2008-9/20/2008 in Hickory, NC.  To view the albums click "Eric Church Photo Gallery".

Beautiful Hickory Crawdad Stadium in NC
The ECB and Baseball: America's Favorite Pastime!

"Oh Car-o-lina...call'n me home"

Hello Church Choir!!!... Guess what???...

It's happening again...

The "Church" Choir Reunion!!!


On September 19th and 20th, 2008 we will have an ECB filled weekend in Eric's home state of North Carolina!

Last year we had members from all over the country come to Morganton NC for a Party on Friday night and to see a great show on Saturday.

This year we have gotten word that Eric has confirmed a hometown show date at the Hickory Crawdad's Minor league Baseball Stadium in North Carolina on Saturday September 20th, 2008.

Tickets go on sale: July 7th,2008
1,000 people only will be allowed on the field at 2nd base.

(This is all the ticket information that we have at this time)

We will have our 2nd annual Choir Reunion on Friday September 19th, 2008 at Michael's on 4th (a local restaurant...see pics below). The details of this year's reunion will be posted here as they unfold. Ticket information can be found on the Hickory Crawdad's Baseball homepage (link below), Quality Inn in Hickory is working with us to get our rooms close to one another but you need to call and reserve your room asap for more information on the hotel reservations contact Rachel at the email below.  You will recieve an information pamplet with directions, a schedule of the weekend and more information once we get the full list of guests confirmed! 

A few members of the Choir will be squaring away the major details of this year's party but we want the ENTIRE choir to be involved as much as possible this year! This is for all Church Choir members to celebrate the music that we love... the music of the EricChurchBand so we should ALL have a hand in the planning! With that being said...

If you have an idea for something fun that we should do at this years party/show let us know...if you want to contribute in some way check out the list below...

Ways to Help:

Last year we provided ECB goodie bags for each attending member. These bags were filled with items that had significance to Eric's music or interests...

EX: Chevy Key chain, Dog Tags, Jack D cup, etc.

We want to provide everyone with these again! If you would like to contribute an item for these bags that would be great! If you can't think of something ECB related then a souvenir from your home state would be a cool addition to the bags!

Last year we stuffed 50 bags. This year we are going for 100.


We are going to try to have a raffle for EC items that we will give away at the party(You wont have to be present to win). We will need YOUR help selling tickets! The money will help pay for booking our choir party location and go towards all kinds of various items that will help our 2008 reunion be sucessful!

If you would like to donate to the raffle or to door prizes please let us know!


Other ways to help will be added as the party gets closer!


There is information and pictures below of our 2008 reunion location...Michael's on 4th in Hickory, NC

Rachel @ Michael's on 4th

Lee and Anne @ Michael's on 4th

Michael's on 4th Front Dining area

Michael's on 4th inside

Front desk @ Michael's

Michael's near the bar

Tables by the bar

The Bar!

The Bar!

Pretty Art

Mmmmmm salad

Our Private room!

The Bathroom...haha



About our 2008 Party Location...

We will hold our Friday night choir reunion at Michael's on 4th restaurant in Hickory, NC. We met with the owner (Michael) and he is very excited to be a part of out special night. He told us that he had known Eric's father, Ken, for years so he is excited that we are promoting the hometown boy wonder! We chose this location because it is a nice atmosphere that has great food, a full bar, private dining area, and children are welcome. Michael and his staff our going to give us a limited menu so that it will be easier on his staff the night of our party. We will choose a variety of menu items in a range of prices to accommodate everyone's budget needs. There will also be items for children. 


Last year some people chose not to eat the night of the party. That is absolutely a personal decision BUT I do want you to know ahead of time that as of right now with all the people we have coming Michael's is allowing us to use their facilities for free....yes I said FREE!!! Wowzer..... BUT ......we have to show up, eat, drink, and be merry. Michael will have to pull in extra staff for that night so we want to keep them busy! Just something to think on.


FYI: Rachel, Anne, and I had lunch at Michael's the day we booked our party and it was very yummy...I bet supper will be even better!

Visit Michael's On 4th Restaurant

What do I need to do between



Ok choir here's your check list...


  1. Sign Up/RSVP for the party by SEPTEMBER 2nd...we HAVE to know how many members are coming to the party and who they are. I need you to fill in the form at the bottom of this page with the following information...NAME, EC.COM BOARD NAME, MAILING ADDRESS(So we can send your info pamphlet which has a schedule, directions, and your ticket for the party in it) ,and how many are in your party including yourself plus the first names and screennames(If they have one) of the people in your party EXAMPLE(Mine would look like this):  Lee Haywood, "WildIrishRose",  #1 ECB Street, Nashvegas,TN 11111, Party of 5 (Jimbob, joebob,jaybob,and billybob)
  2. Book Hotel Reservation by August 29th,2008...The Quality Inn in Hickory, NC is where Rachel has grouped rooms for us under the name "church choir reunion"....YOU need to call and reserve your room asap! If you have questions contact Rachel for more hotel info through the email at the bottom of the page or visit the Quality Inn Hotel link at: http://www.qualityinn.com/ires/en-US/html/HotelInfo?hotel=NC846&promo=gglocal 
  3. Finalize your travel plans...whether you are coming by bus, plane, train, car, or walking make sure you have all your arrangements made. The closest air ports to Hickory are in Charlotte, Greensboro, and Raleigh, NC. Michael's on 4th Restaurant, The Quality Inn Hotel, and the Crawdad Ball Park are all within about 2 miles of each other so there will not be a lot of driving while you are here unless you decide to go sight-seeing in the NC mtns or head up 321 to Granite Falls, NC to see EC's hometown. I for one will be glad to offer my vehicle for carpooling around the area.
  4. Get your Concert Ticket!...Tickets for the ECB show at the ball park on September 20th ticket are on sale now! Make sure you have your ticket and that you BRING it along! Visit the crawdad website to purchase tickets.
  5. Want a Church Choir T-Shirt???...If you would like one of the T-shirts that choir members voted on for this year’s party please contact Carla through the email at the bottom of the page. T-shirt info is as follows:  The Shirts say "Peace, Love, *ECB*" on the front and the back says "Church Choir Reunion 2008". They are Carolina/Sky blue and will have navy writing with a white drop shadow. Sizes and prices are: Youth sizes (2-16) are $11,
    Adult sizes S, M, L, XL - $13, XXL - $14, XXXL - $15      Carla must have
    SIZES BY AUGUST 1st and Payment through snail-mail by AUGUST 15th. Shirts will be given out at the choir party on friday night.
  6. If you are donating an item for goodie bags, door prizes, raffle etc. If you are wanting to donate an item to go in the goodie bags that is ECB related or from your state it needs to be sent to and received by Rachel no later than SEPTEMBER 15th at her home address. Email her for mailing info. We would like for the bags to stay a secret until the last minute when they are given them out at the party because they are SUPER COOL this year! Please plan ahead to send your items. If you are donating an item for door prizes then you can bring that the night of the party and put it on the prize table! Raffle arrangements are still being sorted. If you are interested in donating an item for our raffle that will help cover all misc cost of the party then email me at oasisbird@hotmail.com but please make sure it is something that you will absolutely deliver. These items can be brought to the party and don't have to be mailed.
  7. VOTE FOR THE ECA'S 2008 by September 2nd...Last year we had the first annual ECA'S or Eric Church Award's. These are awards given to Church Choir members and to the Eric Church Band Members for different categories that are voted on by Choir members. This year has some new, exciting, and funny categories for you to sort through. Remember you should think back over the last year from September 1st 2007-September 1st 2008. To vote visit the link on the navigation bar at the left (ECA's 2008).
  8. Your Party Ticket... On September 5th your reunion pamphlet will be sent to you in the mail. It will include a schedule for the weekend, directions, addresses, and numbers for different things that you might need over the weekend and YOUR TICKET TO GET INTO THE PARTY at Michael's on 4th. Your ticket will have the number in your party written on it. You will have to have it with you so don't forget it!
  9. CHOIR V-LOGS (VIDEO MESSAGES TO THE ECB) Record your messages to the ECB and send them to Rachel at the email address below. She needs to have them by August 20th, 2008!!! This recording will be given to the Eric and the boys the weekend of the reunion!
  10. GET READY TO PARTY... We are going to have a great time together on our Church Choir Reunion/ECB show weekend. Come prepared to party!!! Don't forget your ecb promotional items...EC money, promo handouts, Carolina advertisements, EC candy, posters and markers for decorating, car paint, and anything else that will get Eric's music out there! CYA IN HICKORY!

Have a question about the 2008 Church Choir Reunion???



If you have trouble with Yahoo Mail try: churchchoirreunion08@gmail.com

 The following Choir members are contacts if you have questions as we go through the planning process.
We will divide up responsibilities! If you have a general question just email Rachel at the Church Choir address!
Rachel H.
EC Board Name: Rachel
Contact at:
Lee H.
EC Board Name: Wildirishrose
Contact at:
Kim C.
EC Board Name: Knc
Contact at:
Carla R.
EC Board Name:LaChurchGirl
Contact at:
Stacie C. (printing)
EC Board Name: Dalejr8racinfan
EC Board Name: tesseneer1224
Contact at:


The Front Entrance of Crawdad Stadium

Seating inside the Stadium

Crawdad's Logo

Hickory Crawdads Baseball Website

If you have any problems with the form below you can email straight to

Full Name:
ericchurch.com board name
E-Mail Address:
Mailing Address:
How Many Guests in your party including yourself and any children

How  was last year's 1st Annual Church Choir Reunion????
Check it out for yourself...

Visit Our Reunion 2007 Recap Page and see Pics from Last year! Click Here

"I come from a long line of Sinners like me"-EC