Meet the Eric Church Band:

Eric Church
Front Man: Lead Singer/Guitar

Driver Williams
Electric/Acoustic Guitar

Ed Smoak

Lee Hendricks
Bass Guitar

Jeff Hyde

Craig Wright


The ECBand

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The Eric Church Band

I'm with the band...
ECB and ME!

Driver Williams 
(Electric/Acoustic Guitar)
(u-tube video)

A Cleaned Up Driver...
A Suit and Tie Man

Eric and Driver Live

Driver's Photo Album CLICK HERE


Jeff Hyde
(Guitar, Banjo)
(U-Tube Video)

Jeff Hyde

Jeff Rocking it

Jeff's Photo Album CLICK HERE


Ed Smoak
(Guitar, Mandalin)
(U-Tube Video)

Ed Smoak


Ed'd Photo Album CLICK HERE


Lee Hendricks
(Bass Guitar)

Lee and Guitar

Lee in Raleigh NC Sept 2007

Lee's Photo Album CLICK HERE


Craig Wright

Craig in a Drum

Craig at Soundcheck Morganton NC Oct 2007

Craig's Photo Album CLICK HERE

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I sent some questions to the ECB a while back and here are the answers that I recieved from
Driver and Ed...
What EC Fans Are Asking…

1) What is your favorite song of ALL time?
2) If you were not in the EC Band what would you like to be doing right now?
3) Where is the coolest place you have ever played a show (does not have to be with EC)?
4) What are your hobbies besides music?
5) What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done on stage?

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Roanoke, VA July 18th 2007

Driver Answers 5 Questions for the Choir (Top of Page):
"hey man, here are some answers.

1. "Blackend" - Metallica: it is the first track on "...And Justice For All". it's epic, dark, fast, and constantly changing. i scream it and turn it to 11 whenever it comes on my ipod. the ultimate pump up song for me. "Electric Worry" by Clutch is a close second. get it on itunes, there's no way you can't like this song.

2. if i wasnt in ECB, i'd be playing with someone else, and probably not country. either that, or i'd be a music publisher on Music Row in Nashville.

3. no question, Madison Square Garden! sold out 25,000 people. ran out on the ego ramps and got fired for it! best show ever! i do have a feeling that Red Rocks in August might top MSG though.

4. i dont have time for a lot of hobbies besides music. i love the art and process of tattoos. cooking is a new hobby of mine that completely relaxes me and gives a good reward in the end (usually). i am a huge movie buff, and love seeing movies that no one would think to rent at blockbuster. if you have never seen "Never Been Thawed", go get it! lastly, just getting outside into nature. a tour bus is NOT glamourous! i dont care what you think!!

5. oh god. long story short... i misjudged jumping onto Craig's drum riser, fell completely into his crash cymbals and high hats, fell backwards off the stage, and ripped the input out of my Les Paul. i then continued to play the rest of the song, not knowing my input was dangling from my guitar. next day, we were opening for Skynyrd, and their guitar tech fixed it. pretty cool ending to a disaster the night before"

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Ed Coyote Joes, NC 11/07

Ed Answers 5 Questions for the Choir: (Top Of Page)
Hey Lee,
Let's see.....I'll do my best with these questions.

It's hard to think of one favorite song of all time. I could say that my favorite country song of all time is "Footlights" by Merle Haggard. My favorite rock-n-roll song is probably a 3 way tie between "Highway To Hell" (AC/DC), "Comftorbly Numb" (Pink Floyd), and "Statesboro Blues" (Allman Bros.). There's so much great music out there that it's dang near impssible to narrow it down to one song.

If I weren't in ECB right now I'd be spending a lot more time on my studio projects working on new music. I'd like to concentrate more on my songwriting as well.

Coolest places I've played would be The Garden in NYC, the USS Roosevelt at sea, and the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. The coolest gig I've done in recent memory was the hometown show in Granite Falls. It was really cool to see fans drive such long distances to be a part of that special day.

Let's see.....the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened on stage. I'd have to go back a long time. When I was like 20 or so I was playing with a band called "Backstage Pass" and we were gigging one night. I had too much Crown and decided I was going to spin my guitar around my back and over my shoulder like Eddie Van Halen or somebody....... Anyway the guitar came off about halfway through my uncalculated maneuver and flew over my head and out into the dancefloor full of people. Life has a way of keeping your feet, and your guitar on the ground:)

"I come from a long line of Sinners like me"-EC