"You Might Be An EC Fan If..."

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"You might be an Eric Church fan if...
you know how much Eric loves his guitar!"-WIR

So what if I'm stealing from Jeff Foxworthy a little bit?!
 I thought it would be cool! Turn your thinking caps on and send in your best "You Might Be An Eric Church Fan If..." and I'll post them here! Come on you crazy choir members...I know you are a creative bunch! If you would like to attach a picture to go with one of your quotes that's great too or just send in some of your best and I'll post them all here! Just add your name or screenname to the end like the examples below.
I'll even get things started...
"You might be an Eric Church Fan if you own a greasy ball cap!" -Wildirishrose
"You might be an Eric Church fan if you are in the Church Choir but can't sing a bit!"-Wildirishrose
"You might be an Eric Church Fan if you have a closet full of homemade T-shirts!" -Wildirishrose
You can fill in the form below to send your quotes or get them to me through the appropriate thread at the ericchurch.com board! Thanks and have fun with it!
*Note: If you want to attach a picture you will need to send me an email instead of filling in the form below mailto:oasisbird@hotmail.com 

Email address:
You might be an Eric Church fan if...:

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"You might be an Eric Church fan if..."

Thanks for the pic Chris!

"You might be an Eric Church fan if you know that Eric isn't secretly flipping everyone off in the picture above and that he always has a sharpe in hand or on your shoulder!"

Thanks for the Pic Aaron!

"You might be an Eric Church fan if whether your turning 9 or 90 Eric's picture somehow makes it onto your birthday cake!"-Wildirishrose


"You might be an Eric Church fan if you think there is nothing wrong with eating a cake with someone's picture on it!"


You Might be an Eric Church Fan if...

Sing a random song off his CD every morning in the shower.-theseboots123

You get so excited that they play "Guys Like Me" at the bar that you text your friends that it was on!-COChurchfan

Have a 'shrine'(Marj's word)dedicated to the man at home....on your car....and at your desk at work!-Tyme4church

If you spend too much damn time on his web site!-Chris_In_CO

are posting and on the boards for up to 5 hours strait!-Cowgirl

Trying to figure out how you can work Eric or something Eric related into your soon to be new puppies name!-Headdorkpatti

Your Husband won't name the Puppy Eric....or Church-Headdorkpatti

when you wake up in the morning one of his songs are in your head!!-Cowgirl

You travel to another country because he never comes to your area!-Meg

You make sure his CD is left in the car stereo every time you get out so the next person in gets to hear it to! (Although they may ask "Are you still listening to this?-Shawn

You check the boards and the tour site before your email just in case he booked in your city!-Chris_In_CO

You frequently have people pop their cd (that you gave them) on in the car and say.... "fine...go ahead"...-Meg

You have a his pic as your desktop wallpaper (at work no less!)-Bayratt

You have a quote on your "MySpace"-Bayratt

You get to the last song from Sinners Like Me on your MP3 player and rather than listen to any of the other hundred-some good songs on there, start back on Sinners Like Me... again!-Bayratt

You bought one (or more!) window clings (Kim you ROCK!!) and don't own a vehicle to put 'em on!-Bayratt

... you make special trips to target to buy everyone you know the cd-Meg

... your friends talk to you about "EC" as if they know him personally.-Meg

...you tell your local radio host that you hung out with him at a show and they say "do you think he said 'my stalkers are here'?"-Meg

You know that you're gonna have to buy several more Eric Church shirts because yours are wearing out fast because that's all I wanna wear..hehe ahh, like every other day and then some!-Joyz


You might be an EC fan ...
If you spend weeks finding the most local paper to Erics hometown, then matting the article about App's big win over Mich and framing is yourself [ cause the matting people couldnt do it in black and gold] , carrying it around a bar for hours, protecting the glass from drunk people, get fussed at by security for it [ I guess they thought i was gonna kill someone with pic frame glass]...just cause you know how much he loves App State Football!!
if Your sister almost passes out cause she got in the car and EC wasnt in the cd player!!!!

if you talk about the Choir members like theres friends you've known forever.

Sara/ Southern Sweetie
Old Fort, NC
"You Spent 73.50 for a persnalized tag that says ECB FAN! on your Chevy Truck!"-TimmyECBTesseneer

"at least one of his songs make you cry"-Churchgirl_Dana

"I come from a long line of Sinners like me"-EC