Boots,Blue Jeans,&,Skoal Rings

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Eric's Boots!

Are you a true country

boy or girl???

Do you wear boots and torn up jeans with skoal rings?

If you do then ericchurchmusic.com wants to see your photos.


"These BOOTS":

I bet you have a favorite pair of cowboy boots. I sure do! They are worn, torn, and unpolished but they’re definitely the most comfortable pair of shoes that I have! I’ve been a lot of places in those boots and seen many a band play while I tapped my feet.

I would love to hear the story of your boots. We all know that Eric has his favorite pair of clunkers. He even wrote a song about them… "These Boots". It tells of all the things that a guy might go through in his old, worn out pair of cowboy boots. This song even inspired the name of this page ("Wild Irish Rose").

I want to know about all the places that you’ve gone, all the things that you have seen, and people you’ve met in "Your Boots". Make sure to include where you got’em and how long you’ve had’em.

Everyone has a story:

At Eric's Coyote Joe's Show on April 14th, 2007 he talked about how his boots had saved him a few times. Eric told about a time when he was in college at App State and his friend tossed him a bag of illegal substance which he hid in his boots till the coast was clear of police.



Do you love the feel of a broke in pair of jeans? Can't wait for that first whole in the knee? If you do know this feeling and have a favorite pair of jeans then send in a picture to show them off! Toosh photos are welcomed ;)


"Our Best Blue Jeans Have Skoal Rings"

Have you worn that back pocket out? Lets see your skoal ring Eric Fans. Send me a pic of your ring to add to our wall!

My Old Boots

My Boots...
I remember the day I found the perfect pair of cowboy boots. I was in college and my best friend and I were getting ready to head to Nashville for fall break to see Ryan Adams play the Ryman. I had to have boots asap but with no funds to purchase a new pair we headed down to a second hand shop in Greensboro, NC. I dug through boxes and boxes of shoes until I saw a vintage pair that looked just right. I prayed...."Please fit, please fit".  I slipped my foot into one..."perfect!" I wondered about all the places these boots had been.
My old boots are special because they already have many years behind them where someone else has walked and now I'm going to take them on my own adventures.
The next week they sat on the front row of the Ryman and walked the streets of Nashville...soon after that we headed to New York and they made their way into the Roseland theatre and Madison Square Garden...they took me too see Yankee stadium for the first time. We went on a hunting trip to Maine a few years ago where I wore them to a backwoods bar to celebrate my first "out of state" buck. My boots have shopped, dated, run, chased, danced, snuck, and tapped. Now they sit on a closet shelf waiting for their next adventure.....Where are your boots going?


Chris Gortzig's Boots...They Sparkle!

Chris Gortzig's BOOTS!
So Pretty!

"I come from a long line of Sinners like me"-EC