The EC fan of the month has become a popular feature here at! Don't forget that you can nominate other Choir members, send in your own story or let me know about other fans that you feel promote the ECB in a special way or have helped  Eric's Music career.
I will do my best to get everyone into the rotation. Thanks for your patience and help with this award!

How big of a fan are you?

What are you waiting for? Send me your story!
I love hearing your fan stories about how you first starting listening to Eric's music. Most fans can remember every detail of the first time they heard Eric play live or listened to "Sinners Like Me" all the way through. The ECB has such a powerful sound and  what extrodinary song writting. It's exactly the way country music should be.



'E' Fan of the Month

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Are you a diehard fan?
Memphis...Pic by Carla

Do you have what it takes to be the Eric Church fan of the month???

 You know who you are...

You are the fan that memorized all of Eric’s song lyrics by skimming the booklet and listening to the cd a 100 times on the way to the live show just so you could sing a long...... You are the fan that waited for hours after the show just to get that autograph on your greasy ball cap...... You’re the fan that bought 10th row seats but ran to the front row as soon as the lights went out in the arena for a better view of the ECB........ You’re the fan that checks everyday for updated info...etc...

I know who you are….you know who your are so tell me why you deserve this prestigious award...

What do I send???:

Send in your name, location, picture, and a story about why you should be the "EC FOTM" and I’ll post up a different fan at the first of each month. Your story and photo will be featured on this page and the main page for all to see and admire! Thanks and good luck. (Remember: You can also nominate others)

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Carolyn and Kent


I think my parents will make great Fans of the Month. They are proud members of the Chicago Choir. My mother Carolyn has seen Eric live 22 Times and my dad Kent has seen Eric live 23 times. Over the past three years they have became as big as fans as I have if not bigger. They travel many miles when they can to see the ECB live. They have seen him in Chicago, Baton Rouge, Wisconsin, Memphis, Michigan. Ohio, North Carolina, Alabama, Indiana, Mississippi and there hometown of Wheeling, West Virginia.  My dad has shot some amazing videos they where given to the choir at the last reunion as a gift. They first Met Eric Church in 2006 when they drove to Chicago just to meet him they had to work early the next day so they didn’t get to see the show. My mom has even gone as far as to get ECB FAN license plates on her car. They have been happily married for 40 years as of this Aug., but I still believe their happiest times are when they are with the ECB and The Choir. My mom loves celebrating birthdays with choir members as she always brings the cakes to help celebrate even more. A few months ago was a highlight in my parent’s lives as we all got to sit down and have dinner with Eric. It was more like a family event in a way.  I really want to thank lee for selecting my parents as fans of the month. They have done a lot for me and the choir and deserve this title.

Nashville, TN


If you are heading to CMA Fest 2009 or watching Eric perform from home then you are the June Fan of the Month! I decided that a lot of people are making long trips to CMA fest and a lot are watching from home that can't make in honor of this awesome ECB filled week you are all the Fans of the month for JUNE!

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Elise Cheering for EC!

The first song I ever heard on the radio by Eric Church was Two Pink Lines. I just remember thinking to myself, "Wow!! What an amazing song, and I don't think I have heard such a sexier voice!" So, that is
when I knew I had to find out more about this Eric Church guy.

I went on and searched Eric Church and listened to every single song that came up for that search! I WAS HOOKED! Then I heard that he was coming to our county fair, and I loaded up my friends and said, "LET'S GO!" I had never been so excited to see such an amazing country star in my life! After that concert, my friends were hooked too!

After that concert, I went out and bought his first CD and it hasn't left my cd player since! Just to let you know, that was back in 2007, and it is now 2009! I know every word to every song and I just can't stop listening to it!

Eric Church and his band have come back twice since then and I haven't missed his concert yet!! The second time he came for Thunder over the
Ohio, and then he came and performed at Woody's!! I was FRONT ROW for that one!! I got there two hours early for it!! I had a blast and it
was one hell of a show!! His band is amazing and so is he!! I hope they come back again soon, I know I wouldn't want to miss it!!!

Eric sticking his tongue out!
Pic By: Elise!

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Mike & Jessica

M & J in Greensboro, NC

The Murphy Kids!

Granite Falls, NC
We are Michael and Jessica Murphy known as Murphyslaw (mike) and jetski (jess) on the board.
          First of all thanks to Lee for choosing us as the March fan of the month.Second it is so great to be from Eric's hometown. We also had the pleasure of attending high school with Eric. GO SPARTANS.
          We have been to seven Eric shows. With two more coming this month and at least one in April. our first Eric show was kin Lenoir at the J.E. Broyhill Civic Center in June of 2006. He really raised the roof for his hometown crowd. We were hooked.
          Our first time meeting the Church Choir was in Nov.2007 at Coyote Joe's. The Church Choir are some of the bestfriends you could ask for. They know how to party and how to make you feel welcome.
   We love Eric so much two of our boys(Brandon and Vincent) had to grow their hair out(even though it was longer than Eric's we couldn't get them to cut it for awhile.)Can't wait for another concert where it will be suitable for the children to go again.They love him too. We also can't wait for our first out of state Eric show.But times are hard right now.
                         WE LOVE YOU ECB!!!!!!!!!

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Caroline and Eric

 Country Caroline
Southeastern Michigan

First and foremost, a big THANK YOU to Lee for selecting me as the latest fan of the month!

Hi All! I'm one of the Carolines! I reside in Michigan, not far from the Ohio line. This is the only 'fan club' that I have ever been a part of and the only band I have ever traveled to see for no reason other than to see the band and my great Choir friends!

My first ECB experience was at the Jackson County Fair here in Michigan in August 2007. Eric was opening for Gary Allan, and I had no clue who Eric was then! My friends had mentioned that Eric is the one who sings “Two Pink Lines” and “Guys Like Me”, but I was only remotely familiar with the songs at the time. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect during Eric’s performance that night, but I listened intently and took it all in. The one song that REALLY caught my attention was “Livin’ Part of Life”….that song was enough to convince me to spend the whopping $10 for Eric’s cd at the merchandise booth. I put the cd in as I left the fairground parking lot that evening and it remained in my stereo for over 3 months! It wasn’t long before I knew the words and was singing along to each of the 12 fantastic songs! That was certainly the best $10 I had ever spent!

Well, after that show I returned to reality and was back to work. One of my coworkers had attended the concert with me and unbeknownst to either of us, we were both searching online for more info about this Eric Church guy and his band during that week after the show. I came across some tour dates and just about jumped out of my chair when I saw an upcoming date the next month when Eric would be performing in Flint, MI. I went to share the news with my friend, when he turned to me and said ‘Eric’s gonna be back’. We both knew we had to get to that show!!

We went to Flint to see Eric for the 2nd time and were completely hooked! Eric came out after the show to see the fans for autographs and pictures, and of course I was in line. Eric introduced himself and shook my hand, then proceeded to chat with me for a few minutes before signing the set list I managed to snatch up. I was stunned when Eric turned to me before signing the set list to double-check my first name…”Caroline, with i-n-e at the end, right?”!! **GASP** My heart skipped a beat as I realized how great this guy was! That gesture, no matter how small it may have seemed, was the one defining moment when I knew Eric was someone special, and someone that I was going to support from then on.

The rest is pretty much history now, especially since I have attended 17 shows since August 2007. I have seen the ECB perform in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana and North Carolina. Never before have I been so drawn to any singer or band to cause me to drop everything and hop in the car to get to some little bar out in the boonies! I can’t imagine where I would be right now if I hadn’t made up my mind to see Eric at the Machine Shop for that 2nd show, and then to also join the Church Choir boards around the same time! I don’t attend the shows any more just to see the band and hear the music, I go to be with my friends now and to share the fun times with them….I wouldn’t have it any other way!!!

I owe so much credit to Eric, the ECB, and all of the wonderful Church Choir members for bettering my life and really helping me get out and have some fun! I definitely wasn’t one for going to bars before this all happened, but I certainly wouldn’t give up any of my experiences (or friendships) now….for anything! I want to thank each and every one of you for being a part of this special group and l look forward to meeting so many more of you, and sharing the many good times to come.

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Wow, this is so cool to be chosen as Fan of the Month....thank you :-) The first time I saw the ECB was May 2007 at the Stagecoach Festival in Indio, CA. I had received the set times for the festival in the mail with my tickets and I remember seeing "Eric Church" in the line-up thinking, "Eric I know him?" His name didn't sound familiar so I googled him :-) First song that popped up on google was "Two Pink Lines" and then "Guys Like Me". Wow, I really liked those two songs. So on the day of the festival I was excited when the ECB took the stage. They were awesome! I remember hearing Pledge Allegiance to the Hag, Julia, Livin' Part of Life, and These Boots and thinking "Man, I have got to get me their CD". So after the festival I went home and downloaded the entire CD from iTunes, joined the Church Choir on Myspace, joined the Street Team on, added Eric as my Myspace friend and added Eric to my Facebook page.
After one show, I was hooked. I kept checking the EC website and Myspace page everyday for tour dates that would be close to me. In October of 2007, the ECB did a West Coast tour which allowed me to see them three times in Las Vegas, NV, San Bernardino, CA and Bakersfield, CA. Every show topped the previous.
In Las Vegas, I had the opportunity to meet some of the Choir and just like on the message boards, everyone was very friendly and welcoming. I met Eric and Lee for the first time in Las Vegas and they were very sweet, friendly and appreciative. I was so shocked when I asked Eric for an autograph and he knew my name. I have never met a celebrity musician who was so down to earth, who reads his myspace comments and message board posts and who is just truly interested in the lives of his fans. Amazing!
In November 2007, I was able to fly to Denver, CO to see Eric and was blessed to have won a contest to see Eric perform acoustically in Colorado Springs, CO the previous day. The CO Choir welcomed me graciously and Eric and the boys put on a kick a$% show.
Nine months later, I was able to see the ECB in Denver again (Aug 2008). The guys poured their hearts out that night and to date, that was the BEST concert I have ever been to!
"Sinners Like Me" is the only CD that I have ever bought multiple copies of to hand out to friends, family and strangers LOL. That's how GREAT it is! I can't wait to do the same with "Carolina"! Eric and the boys are like a breath of fresh air and I can see nothing but success in their future!



Shellie and Timmy
Rutherfordton, NC 

Timmy and Shellie at an ECB show!

Timmy and Shellie's ECB story....
Wow     what an honor to be fan of the month, I woulda never thought it ! lol   Well as most of you all know , my name is Shellie ( AKA  tesseneer 1224 on the boards ) and I live in the great state of North Carolina .  I love being an Eric Church fan and becoming part of this great group of people called "The Church Choir " . The firsrt time I saw ECB was March 07 and I didnt even know who they were . ( blush )   As soon as they " HE " took the stage I was HOOKED !  We went out and bought his Cd soon after . The next time I got to see them was in Morganton 07 , little did I know it was the 1st choir reunion and I coulda been there for that too . : (   I took my children to experience ECB in Morganton and they too caught Church Fever . I met my 1st choir member in Morganton (Shriver ) ! Signed up as a street team member in Oct 07 . Saw Eric again at Coyote Joes in Nov 07 and met Eric for the 1st time .I  Got to bring in the new year with Eric , the Band and some new ,awesome friends in Duluth Ga !  Went thru major DT's until April , gave up seeing Chris Cagle to travel to WV to see Eric . Even tho he was sick he was still grinning and putting on a show for everybody . I got to take a trip with a great friend to Nashville TN to take part in a once in a lifetime special event with Eric and the gang and this time really got to talk to Eric without feeling rushed  . Then just the next week got to experience the back to back shows with ECB  , first myrtle beach SC ( where Eric remembered me from the week before in TN - he said theres my TARHEEL girl , LMAO ) and then straight to Asheville NC ! So this is exciting for me to be fan of the month right after seeing ECB 3 times in 10 days . I know some of you will laugh at that but for me this is something . I usually dont see anybody unless they come to Charlotte . Eric has this ......something that just grabs hold of you and wont let you go ! Not to mention the guys in the band , oh my goodness ....Ed , Driver , Hyde , Craig , &  Lee  they are the best . Oh and you cant forget Marshall , He is the best of the best !  I am really glad to be a part of Erics street team . I find myself jumping on my soap box and preaching away whenever somebody asks what does your shirt mean or why do you wear a bracelet that says sinners like me or OH MY GOSH  " who is Eric Church  " !   Sometimes I just wanna shake people and say get out from under that rock and just listen ! His words are true stories that everybody can relate to , from drinking too many beers on Friday after work to praying for one of those i've loved along the way  we all can relate . I cant wait for the new album . After hearing what I heard in TN , im dying for Timmy to hear it all . I am very excited about getting to take my kids to the hickory show coming up in Sept since they have heard me talk and seen sooo many pictures over the last year they cant wait to take part in this Choir party . So to those i've met ..... im glad to be surrounded by such an awesome group of friends and to the rest of ya ........I cant wait to meet you all ( hopefully in Sept )

Shellie and Eric

Shellie and Eric

Timmy and EC

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Steve T. with Eric!

Well...Traci and I first discovered  Eric when I was looking for a song to sing for the 2005 Colgate Country Showdown.  I'd heard  "How Bout  You" on the radio and loved the lyrics. I had to dig to find out who it was.  The album wasn't out yet!  The next summer, Eric was going to be with Brad Paisley & Sara Evans and thought, "well, it IS Brad, there really is no risk if we don't like Eric (perish the thought!)". We had 5th row seats.  This was before Lee & Jeff joined ECB and Eric was using his old Martin Acoustic, not the familiar Epiphone he uses now.  The first  song I ever heard him do live was "Before She Does"... from that moment on, I was hooked.  As we were leaving the show,  he was outside, signing autographs like he has nearly every show since.  We passed up the opportunity, but now wish we hadn't!! Traci was quite convinced yet, but she would be!!


The next time I saw him, and first time I met him was in Olive Branch, MS, outside of Memphis on the "Road to CMA Fest" in April 2007 (with Danna).  That is the ONLY EC show I've been to w/o Traci.


I think the most special show/event we attended was the Tree Choir event at CMA Fest, 2007.  The event was awesome, Eric spent a lot of time with the Choir and GAC (Storme Warren) picked "OUR" tree to do an interview in front of (with the choir in the background) for Country Music Across America.   The Acoustic set Eric did on the back of his pickup truck was probably one of the most intimate "concert" settings I've ever been a part of.  Afterwards, there were more pictures, autographs and one on one  time with the Choir.  ..NOW, Traci was hooked and has been to every EC show I have since.


Grizzly Rose 2006

Las Vegas 2007

Red Rocks  (with Dierks) - EC Stole the show! 2007

Acoustic Happy Hour 2007

Grizzly Rose 2007

Clear Lake Iowa 2008


We're excited that Eric recognizes us at the shows we go to. He's still SO gracious and generous with his fans, he makes  us want to keep coming!!  Until we discovered Eric... I have been to 9 shows... which eclipses my former record of 6 (Van Halen).  That  is significant!


As a songwriter, I have a real appreciation for Eric's ability to "turn Chords and Words into songs..."   Eric is  a continued source of inspiration for my songwriting.  ..someday... Maybe I'll be fortunate enough to open up for him!!  We love his music!


All during the Brad Paisley show Eric  keep referring to his "upcoming release" ...and I bought the CD the day it came out.    To this day, "Before  She Does" is the most played song on my iPod (out of 5500 songs) and 6 more EC songs are in my top 10.  Traci and I are looking forward to "Carolina"  and more shows!!  Right now, we're bummin cause we didn't go to CMA Fest!!

Steve Showing Eric a Great Article about him!

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Council Bluffs, Iowa

Lauren giving Eric some love!

I was aimlessly walking through the cd section of a store looking for some good tunes Stephanie, Cori and I could rock out to (the other mustangirls) when I came across Eric Church. Now needless to say I thought he looked a little goofy, but there was something that drew me into that dark, edgy looking album and I had to purchase it.Summer was soon approaching and we were more than ready! We had all turned 16 and wanted to hit the road with some good music in hand.
I have to admit we weren't totally in love with the album at first, but I played it constantly, and every time we went to cruise around town we found ourselves jammin out all night long and screaming the lyrics to "Before She Does" and "Guys Like Me"..and eventually the entire album! It grew on us, and without even noticing we slipped into absolutely loving this man's lyrics.
We weren't much for concerts and things of the sort, but when Stephanie's sister scored us free Brad Paisley tickets we decided not to pass it up. I didnt look much into the concert, and honestly didnt care that much (not a Brad fan) so I didnt know who was opening, but as we sat there in silence some man, who I didnt recognize, and his band took the stage. When I heard the first few notes, I realized I KNEW THIS SONG! Thats when I turned to Stephanie and yelled, "Hey this is that guy we've been rockin' out too all summer!" As soon as he started to sing we were mesmerized. I'm sure we were the only ones standing up screaming all the lyrics. WE had loved his album all summer, but had fallen in love with the talent this man has when we saw him take the stage.. Needless to say since then, we've been hooked...obvioiusly :)

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Omaha, Nebraska

Kara and Eric 2007
Lincoln, NE

         My ECB story starts the way many of them do, my friend bought me tickets to the Brad Paisley concert in Omaha for my birthday a couple years ago. We knew that a guy named Eric Church would be opening along with The Wreckers, but we hadn't really heard of him before. We went to the concert to have a fun night and were BLOWN AWAY by Eric's performance! I was yelling so loud for Eric that the older couple in front of me asked me what they needed to do to quiet me down! We had fun at the concert, but after that Eric mentioned that he would also be onstage at the casino bar after Brad Paisley was done. Needless to say my friend and I took off immediately after Brad was done so we could get a great spot at the next show! We ended up in the front row and I even gave up getting another beer so I wouldn't lose my spot! Eric came out and played another whole concert and also brought Brad out to jam for a few songs. Then he stayed in a meet & greet line until everyone was through the line (Around 2 AM!) I was completely hooked after that! I haven't been able to attend any other shows besides the ones in Omaha/Council Bluffs or Lincoln, NE, but everyone I go to have been fantastic. I have met some amazing people through the Choir and even engaged in stalking Eric in Lincoln (Marj knows!) I try everything I can to get more people listening to ECB on a daily basis. ECB CD's were in everyone's Christmas presents this year! I have hooked my Mom when I drug her to a concert when no one else could come with me. My Dad is hooked after his Christmas CD, but the best thing was when my husband was listening to the radio one day and then he asked me to get a "Real" Country CD since the radio was playing nothing good and he said he wanted ECB!!! I was so excited. My husband still thinks I am obsessed, but I don't care! Staying in touch with the people that I have met through Eric's music is a highlight of my day. Can't wait to see what Eric and the boys have in store for 2008 and beyond!

The picture are from the Lincoln, NE show in 2007.

Kara Petersen

(Karapete formerly krpet413)
Omaha, NE

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Felton, Pennsylvania
This goes back a bit to the first time I saw Eric back on July 16, 2006 at Jamboree In the Hills EARLY in the morning! There weren’t many people out there at that time but I bopped along to the music and enjoyed the show – but that was it. Eric came on the last day of a 4 day music festival that I’d been out there for 10 days for already camping with my family, I was tired but he kept me entertained which was amazing on its own. 
Life went on; I was content in my own little world where I was a pretty big consistent backer of Taylor Swift when her career first started off. But sometime in those 11 months even though I knew Eric’s music I was busy doing my own thing – until one day I heard Guys Like Me on the radio, something about it caught my attention and I was like alright I’ve got to know more on this guy. So it was May 11th, I popped online and checked out, read up on him, found him all the more entertaining, plus his message boards were hopping with some pretty awesome people (I know I’m pretty biased!). So that day I joined the Church Choir, slowly started posting and planned my first official ECB show in Reinholds, PA on June 16, 2007.  I was nervous bit jumping into someone else’s world, meeting these new people (the choir) but, alas it was pretty amazing! That day I made friends for life, whom expect nothing from you, but would give you it all. J Also that day was the first time I met Eric and the boys. No he didn’t know me at first that day but he seemed to think I was pretty funny, so he remembered me after that. Little does he know I cover nervousness with humor…glad things worked out!  But the show was awesome, and so was the band, the choir – even if the venue was ‘different’.
After that I was HOOKED, I started planning shows to attend and would tell my Mom and she thought I was nuts! But who goes along every time!? Mom! Anyway our next show was two weeks later in Memphis, TN and the travel bug had bit us both! I love it, I’m ready to go now but I’m just waiting for the show.
Time to get all sentimental because ya’ll know I love it! If it wasn’t for Eric this past year of my life would be 100% different. I can’t thank him enough for the love and friendship he gives to me, but also for the Choir, the music, and the memories. It is crazy how much one person directly changes your life, but even crazier how much it indirectly happens.
Thank you to everyone in the Choir for everything! You know what you’ve done for me, and the great times some of us have all shared. I can’t even believe the great, great friends I’ve made from this! It takes my breath away – I love you guys! Memories to surely last a lifetime. See ya’ll on the road!
Shows I’ve attended:
July 16, 2006Morristown, Ohio
June 16, 2007Reinholds, Pennsylvania
June 18, 2007Memphis, Tennessee
August 31, 2007 – Morrison (Red Rocks), Colorado
September 8, 2007Bowling Green, Kentucky
October 4, 2007Jackson, Tennessee
October 6, 2007Morganton, North Carolina
November 2, 2007Denver, Colorado
November 10, 2007Charlotte, North Carolina
December 7, 2007Towson, Maryland

Rachel and Eric at Charlotte

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Granite Falls, NC

Deloris and Eric at the Chat, TN Tree Choir!

ok the fist time I saw Eric was the Lenoir show in june 2006 I really didnt wanna go but my 15 yr daughter did so I said ok,Ive wasted $15.00 before.When he came out he sat on a stool & started to sing, well after the 2nd song I was hooked totally. He had no cds, no tee shirts only small pics for sale so we bought one. The day the cd came out  I was in Lenoir at 9a.m. no cds. none anywhere in then Eric came to CJs in Charolette. I hadnt been in a bar in over 20yrs but I really wanted to go,so I bribed my daughter & her hubby told them Id buy the tickets & gas so off we went. that show was amazing, there I sat a little gray haired old woman in a bar full of young kids singing as loud as them. then came the SCHS. hot & sunny there I sat all day long pants, long sleeved shirt, hat, & 50 block sunscreen by the time that concert was over no way could I stand in line for a m&g & I wanted to meet him so bad. but I got to meet him in Morganton what a show & getting to meet so many of the choir it was awesome. then Valerie & Charles told me  we would go the Chatt. show  wow I was so pepped then I got the email about the tree choir I called Valerie so excited she couldnt understand a word I said lol. But to make a long story short we went & it was the best time Id had in 20 yrs.
So here I am 55 yrs old never been crazy about any singer, never bought than a cd from one, I own every eric tee shirt, the hoodie, the stickers & 100s of pics. so I guess Im hooked!!!
View all Deloris's Eric Church pics and see why she is such a huge ECB fan by viewing her myspace page at:
Deloris won the "Wise Owl" Award at our 2007 Choir Reunion!

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Eric and KIM May 2007



Connelly Springs, NC

I became a fan of Eric after seeing him perform for the first time at Broyhill Civic Center, Lenoir NC. June 15, 2006 was the date.This was his very first home show and he was afraid of having it because it was on a Thursday and he didn't think many people would come. But we surprised him. We packed the house. We had some amazing seats and he was so shy because he was performing in front of everyone he knew and then some. I love seeing how big Eric and the guys are getting. I can say I was one of the first ones on the boards. I'm so touched by what great friends I have gotten now because of Eric! Sometimes it makes you wonder if he really knows how close we are. There's one thing I will take with me, the GUITAR he gave me on stage May 20, 2007 for the CHURCH CHOIR! I can relive that day over and over again. Here I go wanting to shock him with the amount of money everyone donated *From Nicole's and Angela's idea*to him shocking me!
I want to personally THANK Eric for the music he makes, the shows he performs, and just being so genuine with us every time you see us!!! I love the Choir and I wouldn't trade my friends for anything in the world. Through the good times or the bad you will always find someone on the boards to talk to! Thank you Choir for being you!!
Thanks Lee for wanting me F O T M !
I loved our 1st Annual Choir Reunion party on October 5, 2007 and I for one can't wait for the next to come...

Always and Forever,

Kim Getting Guitar 2007

The Check

Eric Checking out Kim's JD Guitar
Morganton, NC

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Angela and Eric!



Chicago, IL

OMG!!!! I'm fan of the month OH WOW!!!!! Thank you... Kayla's birthday was Oct. 20th and mine was in Sept...

Here is my story:

My Eric Church story began...... When I first saw Eric's video Two Pnk Lines I was actually drunk....LOL with good ole Jack Daniels...I had just gotten my certification in Medical Assisting, so my friend and I decided to drink that day in a good way because those exams kicked my $#@!... I was watching it with a friend of mine and I kept on rewinding it and laughing so hard (thank god for tivo for that option)until I couldn't rewind it anymore so I was hooked, even though I didn't realize at that time what the song was all about, but Eric's voice got me.... When I first saw Eric at Joe's in Chicago he sealed the deal with me and I realized then that I was gonna be a long time fan , but I didn't realize at that time there was the Church Choir and that's when I hit the jackpot, full of wonderful people which are now part of my life and they are family..... My special moment was in May when I saw Eric, and he acknowledged me more than a fan a friend...and my late night tour of Chicago with my good special friend Nicole(MOE) I love you Moe.... The best special moment when I see my little girl's face light up when she sees her picture with Eric...Thank you Eric for the loving memories....I love my Choir family, and Eric THANK YOUfor bringing us together....

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Chelsey and Eric!

OK were to begin with my Eric Church story,
OK October of 2006 my then best friend (noticed I said THEN BEST FRIEND) wanted to go see Rascal Flatts, now I am from Ohio and I had seen them years ago before they hit it big and well I wasn't that thrilled to go. She begged so I gave in and then once I read who was going to be there I was ALL for it, I kept telling her I wanna see Eric, blah blah blah well we all know what happened with that and needless to say I didn't see Eric and I left the show PO'ed not at Eric but at Rascal Faltts I didn't enjoy there show, the people that worked for them were rude, there fans were rude and I hated pretty much the whole time I was there except for meeting Taylor swift she was very sweet. Anyways it turns out Eric had played a show at one of the bars later that night I completely missed it until after i got home that night and decided to log on to the net to see what was going on with EC and well I read what happened and was even more upset with RF. I emailed some of Eric's people to find out if he had done the show for that night yet or not and of course they confirmed that the yes in fact had, I was soooo bummed but I knew it would see him one day well Eric people were soooo very sweet and offered to send me an autographed photo of Eric, which I will love and cherish for the rest of my life, THANK YOU AGAIN FOR THAT!!! Then I found that Eric was playing at a bar in Roots town, Ohio and well I emailed different people and they put 2 tickets on the will call list under my name and I was all set to go I rushed home that night got all dressed up and got in the car and was ready to leave to get my grandma who wanted to go so bad that I didn't ask anyone else well she no longer was able to go so I had like 5-10 minutes to get someone to go with me because i wasn't going to go to this town I knew nothing about by myself so I got my mom and were ready to hit the road and BAM!!! and freaking nasty storm came through and we had flooding, high winds etc etc so we turned around and came home I was PO'ed once again here Eric's people had went out of there way to make it up to me and I could make it I was so upset and felt bad about it. I could sleep at all that night I was too darn upset! then as I was thinking I will never ever get to see Eric, I get an email about the TREE CHOIR!!! I was flipping out needless to say I sent in for it and got it and it is one of my most cherished memories, when Eric came over to our tree I had to grab the tree because I about flipped out and just ran and hugged him because I was soooo happy to finally see him, let alone plant trees with him and he chatted with us for awhile then moved on. Well most of you know how the rest of that day went AMAZING!!! and well I owe Eric even more from that day if it wasn't for the tree choir I would have NEVER met one of the nicest, coolest, most down to earth baddest chicks and truly a best friend in the whole world miss Robin my fellow W.B.B I LOVE YA GURL!!! We now talk pretty much every day we cant get enough of each other, she even came all the way from West Virgina to go to Whiskey Dicks with me and we had a BLAST!!! I love Eric for bringing us together and not just Robin but the whole CHOIR I love you guys and girls I can't explain it you all are just the most amazing people ever!!! Well after tree choir I was head over heels for Eric so I searched his tour scheduled for every show I could make. I was lucky enough to get to go to the July 18Th show in Oak Harbor, Ohio I was front and center and loved it, until it started to rain, I was like OH NO!!! PLEASE NO!!! I got his set list and Driver talked to us for a few minutes then I ran to get in line for the M&G and pretty soon I was the only one left I was soaking wet. Well the word was he wasn't doing a m&g and I just knew in my gut he would I was told to stay and see him no matter what so that's what I did well I ended up being in tears and was swept up by Lauren and taken right to the side of the stage and met Ed  and a few other band members a crew, Ed who was soooooo sweet went to give me a hug and I was bawling and I said I am soaking wet he just smiled and said so ain't I and grabbed me and gave me a great big hug and we talked to them and Lauren explained why I was crying. Well we decided we would go stand by the bus and wait, I am pretty sure someone went onto the bus and told him about us waiting for him, lol thanks to that person! When Eric came out I had final got myself together and ended up kinda being forced to telling him about my tears, lol he was so sweet I think I hugged him like 5 or 6 times he probably thought I was nuts, I made him laugh with some comments about RF and not being able to get it up (the flash on my camera) and we talked for about 30 minutes or so and we were off. now I hope everyone is still with me because this is when it starts to get good. on to the next show Whiskey Dicks. We'll I got up early went and picked up my goodies for Eric and the boys and hit the road with my grandmother, we live about an hour from there so were got there about 11:30am and just sat around a waited, talked with a friend from another fan club and met her friends, then my buddy Robin showed up, next was Lauren and her mom and sister, then Sadie and DJ, Carrie was there too, we were having so much fun. Then we saw Lee so I took of, we yelled for him and he came over of course and took our goodies. Then we sat and watched them load stuff in and watched the band come in and out,  then myself and a few of us went to the hotel and changed and have a little TOOO much fun, they got some photos of me that should never see the light of day, lol. We got back and got front and center and goofed around until the show. It was soooooo hot in there the opening act played for EVER!!! He was good but it was tooo long for him to play. Then Eric came out WOOOHOOO and the place went nuts it was packed, and right in the middle of the first song a fight broke out and Eric was so cute he kept playing but said "NO!" and shook his head and told them "NO FIGHTING OR WERE DONE!" its was so cute to see the redneck side of EC, the show kept going and I owe robin a ton for holding the crowd back from me so I had my own little safe zone, lol. Well he gets to my song!! WILLIE!!!! and well I had my hair in willie braids and he looked right at me and said "hey willies here, this ones for you" I COULDN'T FREAKING BELIEVE IT, I LOOKED AT ROBIN LIKE DID THAT JUST HAPPEN!!! Well of course I was singing and dancing to the song knew ever word and Ed, Eric, Lee, Driver, Hyde all kept looking at me and I later found out it was because I had about 5 or 6 people behind me pointing at me and trying to get them to notice me acting a fool, lol. Then when the show was done Eric was shaking hands and he got to me and I was clapping he stopped looked at me with this smile so I put my hand out and he took it and FREAKING KISSED IT, HE KISSED MY HAND!! I WENT NUTS I JUMPED AND TURNED AND TOLD EVERYONE I COULD!!! Then we went to the m&g and I walked up and he said "From now on your going to be called Little Willie" I just giggled and said OK, then he saw my handcuffs (I had some plans for them I am so bad, lol) and he said "I like the cuffs" I was like you can have them if you want Eric was like "what am I going to do with them?" I said I dunno but you can have them so I handed them to him and hes was like "are they real?" I was like kinda but they have a safety one them so you cant get stuck (which I found out from robin that you can get stuck in them, lol long story) then I showed him my badge that said something about peckers, lol he laughed and looked at me and said "you were ready for this weren't ya?" I said oh yeah I planned the whole thing out, lol then I got my photo god it was great, we hung around for a few and talked to him about my goodies I brought him and the band loved them so I now bring some to every show. Well Lauren told him a little secret about me and it was a funny one but kinda embarrassing and Eric looked at me and said "YOU DID!!!" and laughed sooo hard then Robin showed him the photo(s) and he laughed ever harder. It was an amazing night. From the second I left that show I felt heartbroken, like I had just left the love of my life or something it was weird I felt like part of me was gone, so I knew I HAD to get to another show, the next closest one was the Indiana state fair on 8/16 but my mom was having surgery that day to find out if she had breast cancer and I had to work, I thought CRAP now what?! So I got the day off I told my boss about my mom and he gave me it off, well one thing down one to go, I talked to my mom she wanted me there but also wanted me to go have fun. Well we went to the hospital and was there with her for an hour and once they got her all prepped and pumped full of drugs she looked at me and my grandmother and said go see Eric and have fun, boy she didn't have to say it twice we were gone!!! We got there and the fair was huge! We got lost and had to walk the WHOLE fairgrounds to get to the stage and thanks to Carrie and Sybil we had front row seats. Well i hand off my goodies to one of Eric's stage people. Eric came out and rocked!!!! They told us not to stand in front of the stage but when they came out we did anyways, lol. He did a m&g after the show and we were last in line and Eric kept poking his head out and around looking and smiling at me and I knew he remembered me, or at least I hoped he did, I just assumed he was laughing because we were acting a fool and being all crazy. Well we paid Sybil a dollar to ask Eric a question and she did!!! She walked up and told him they paid me a dollar to ask you a questions and Eric was like a dollar?! Sybil was like yeah so umm "Boxers of Briefs?" and he ANSWERED THE QUESTION!!!! But I cant tell ya that answer, lol sorry ladies. That was the best dollar I have ever spent! When I got up there he looked at me and said "LITTLE WILLIE!" I lost it and just giggled! He signed the set list "To my Lil will" too cute! We got a photo and I told him we were going to see him in Bowling Green. then I said Eric ya know how much trouble I am in right now? I ditched my mom at the hospital while shes having surgery to come here and see you! His mouth dropped and he looked at me and said in the sweetest voice "whats she having surgery for?" I told him and he said well I hope everything goes OK for her. My heart melted I was like thank you. I told him that she told us to go and so we left and that he was priority, lol. Well that's the beginning of my Eric church story book! and I absolutely cant wait for my next show!

An Excited Choir Member!


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Central Louisiana

Carla and Eric!

Special Birthday wishes to Carla during the Month of August as well!!!
Carla's Story:

My name is Carla (aka LaChurchGirl) and I live in central Louisiana. For those that don’t know my story, I will give a brief background. My husband died suddenly about 3 years ago. I had started a new job just 2 weeks prior, so I dove head first into the new job as a way to deal with the loss. It was more than a year later when I realized that I could still "have a life" without disrespecting my husband’s memory. So, the short version is that I eventually started going back to concerts around the 2 year mark. Eric Church helped me get on with the "Livin’ Part of Life".

My first EC concert was Saturday, March 17, 2007 when he opened for Dierks. I was in Baton Rouge on business and decided to attend the concert and meet a new friend. I saw that Eric Church was the opening act and I knew the songs "Two Pink Lines" (it was ok, but not me) and "How ‘Bout You" (loved it). So, I went out and bought the CD. After listening to it non-stop for days, I realized I was looking forward to the opening act more than the headliner!!!! By the time of the concert, I knew most of the words to most of the songs – it was/is just that good! When I saw the Eric Church Band perform that night, I was captivated. When he did the meet and greets afterwards, I was completely impressed by his sincerity, his ability to relate to the variety of people and the fact that he was available until the last person in line was greeted. His good looks didn’t hurt the eyes either!

I came home and joined the EC board the next morning. Since that first show in March, I have been to Olive Branch, MS in April, a back-to back in Beaumont & Katy, TX in May and to Memphis in June. I will be going to Billy Bob’s in Ft. Worth this month and Big State Festival (TX) during October. When I turn in a vacation request, my boss has figured out that I am going to "Church" somewhere. He doesn’t yet know that I plan to take most of his staff with me to Billy Bob’s! We often quote EC songs during staff meetings. I have bought and given out so many CDs that I have lost count. I carry extras in my car just in case I meet someone that doesn’t have one!

I want Eric to know how much his music speaks to me. I may have different reasons for the emotions associated with certain songs (i.e. "Can’t Take It With You" or "Those I’ve Loved") but the strong emotion is there nonetheless. Where I was/am in my life has been made more enjoyable since the introduction to EC, the ECB gang and his Choir. I truly appreciate ALL for giving me that kick in the butt to get on with the "Livin’ Part of Life". Now, if my mother just wouldn’t worry . . . LOL!

See ya down the road,



Carla Hanging with Big 'E'!!!

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Ocala, FL

A Happy Julie with Mr. Eric Himself!
Julie and Eric Hugging!

My Eric Church Story 
I will admit at 1st I really had trouble remembering who was going to be at the Bar where I like to go and catch Country Music Singers. I was fresh off a huge Jam with My Favorite singer, Brad Paisley. I kept thinking Jake Owen. I don't think that name anymore. So on April 5th of 2007 I go To Midnight Rodeo. My back was hurting really bad and drinks weren't helping with the pain. I don't drink much when I go to bars. My mom and a friend were talking to me trying to get me to relax. I was like I really don't know why I am here. Then out comes Ed, Driver, Jeff, Lee, and Craig. I didn't know their names then of course and Driver had on a Metallica Shirt so I called him that till I learned his name. He was right in front of me. I thought ok this is cute for a bar crowd like this. Very Redneckish bar. Then all the sudden my head snapped toward center stage. My mouth dropped. Eric started singing and I knew right then This Guy is Special. Very Blessed. I didn't know any song except Two Pink Lines but every song hit me and my life like These Boots for Eric. Ok I will admit I was wearing a Brad Paisley shirt. And after the show in the Autograph Signing Eric Commented on my shirt. I couldn't believe he was really trying to have a conversation with me. Two weeks later I had the chance to see Chris Young and Eric Church with the Road To CMA Tour. I made a sign which Eric Bowed to. Talk about me flipping out!  I had no idea he remebered seeing me before. After that show he pointed out remembering me from Ocala and speaking to my sons and I. He complemented my Brad Paisley Shirt. I wonder if that is how he remembered me.10 days later I went to my 3rd show now wearing a shirt with the 1st pic of me and Eric on it. Eric pointed it out while on stage. And that show was amazing. After that show I considered Eric a real friend after the conversation we had after the show. And joined The Church Choir. Where I have met many great friends and caring loving people. And was honored to be part of the 1st ever Tree Choir in Nashville.
And I love trying to get Eric heard. I feel Blessed to know him. Will be seeing him again on Aug. 3rd.!

Julie and Driver
Tree Choir (Nashville)

Julie snapped this cute photo of Eric
Tree Choir (Nashville)

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Aaron and EC Crew...June FOTM!

Last summer I went to a Lynyrd Skynyrd and Jason Aldean show. When I showed up I found out there was another opening act. It was a man named Eric Church. I had never heard of him before. Immediately I thought it was going to be another crappy opening act to make Skynyrd and Jason Aldean sound good. Thirty seconds into his show I was hooked on some of the best written music I had ever heard. Now here it is almost 10 show's and a year later. I've seen EC 10 times, and plan on seeing him many more. I live in Mississippi,  and have traveled to Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio, Tennessee, Southern Mississippi, Alabama and North Carolina, all just for him. I believe so much in what he stands for. I went out and got A Sinners Like Me tattoo on my forearm. Later on that month I saw EC in Memphis and asked him to sign my next to the SLM tattoo,  I then went across the street and had his signature tattooed on. This man's music is my life story I can relate, or have experienced every song on his album. He's like a drug that I've been addicted to from the start, and going to Church is my only rehab. I will continue to be a proud member of his choir until the day I die. No matter how many cd's he sells, or shows he plays, I will be in the front row singing back at him, with a bottle a of Jack D in my hand.  What he brings to the stage his real, nothing is for a show. What you see and hear is who he is. I know EC, he would play five dollar bar shows proudly until the day he's ready to hang up his boots.  EC is not here for money or fame he's here to show us that a little bit of rock and a little bit of country can bring together old and new music fans of all genres. There is nothing in this world that can stop me from seeing EC do what he what he does best. I'm proud to say, that I have and will continue to help make EC a house hold name, and encourage people to feel the way I do for his music. Every time I enter a Wal-Mart I migrate directly to the CMT Top 20 rack and place Sinners Like Me in the number one slot, which then has sold out on three separate occasions. I have even traveled to Iowa in the middle of a blizzard at 20 below, and then driving 12 hrs back that very night to be at work the next day. Eric Church is  worth every dollar, minute, and mile I have ever spent or traveled for him. I'm glad to be a member of his Choir, and to be able to call him a friend. 

The Boys of Eric's Bus!

Eric Fixin' the boys a little drink!

I snapped this photo of Aaron & Crew from SCHS
May 20th 2007

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Lauren & Kelley 
Charlotte, NC
I met these girl's in line at Coyote Joe's while we were waiting to meet Eric. I needed someone to take my picture with Eric so they were glad too. I snapped the one above for them with my camera so that they could remember that great night! They are my fan's of the month for May because they were sweet as can be in line and they helped me out. They didn't know much about Eric but they saw and learned a lot that night... and they liked it! One of them even burned his cd's and sent them to her friends back in Texas.
Part of my email from Kelley...
   "Thanks again for snapping the pic, I appreciate it! I'm the blonde on the right side of Eric in this pic. My name is Kelley and I'm from Austin, TX. This was my first time to see Eric in concert, I actually had never even heard of him before so the show was a treat for me. It was my first time to Coyote Joe's as well. I moved to North Carolina in Novemeber so a lot of "firsts" for me! I really love the area and can't wait for many more great experiences like this night was!
   I enjoyed his music so much I got his CD and made a few copies for my friends back home in Texas, so maybe he can start to develop a bigger following in the Lone Star State!"
Thanks for becoming new fans girls...keep listening and promoting Big 'E'.

Coyote Joe's 4/14/2007
Eric and the Girls!

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APRIL 2007


Winston Salem, NC

Jen B.

Hello Eric Church fans,
I'm Jennifer aka "Spud" and I'm 24 years old and from North Carolina. I'm best friends with Lee ("Wild Irish Rose"), the site builder. I was asked to be the first Eric fan of the month because I really like Eric's music and we needed someone for the first month so we could launch the site without having this page sit blank....just month could be yours so send in your stories and help Lee make this site an awesome place for Eric fans to come and visit!
Here's my little story...
I attended the NC state fair this year with Lee because she wanted to see this great new country singer. I wasn't too sure about it but I went along for the ride. Lee's always dragging me to concerts and 9 times out of 10 I come away being a fan of who ever we just saw. This was no different. We listened to Eric play almost every song off "Sinner's Like Me" from the front row, arms propped on stage. What a great show! We waited patiently outside afterwards to meet Eric. We chit chatted with the crew and then there he was! He came right up to Lee first and talked...then over to me where he signed a cow radio that I had won at the fair and then snapped a pic with yours truely! I didn't have anything else for him to sign because we had printed our tickets off the internet and they were all wrinkled. I bet he had never sign a cow like that before. We listened to the cd all the way back home on the two hour drive and sang along. I bought his cd for myself the next day and have added Eric to my music collection! Thanks for reading and keep on requesting Eric music on the radio. I hope to see ya at a show!
Don't forget to send in your story....You could be the next FOTM!


"I come from a long line of Sinners like me"-EC