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How much do you really know
 about the ECB???


Eric Trivia Contest

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You think you know me but...
You have no idea. Bring it on!

Try your hand at there ECB Trivia Questions and browse previous questions from past months below. will no long be giving prizes for trivia contests. Just browse around and see how much you really know about Eric Church!
New Trivia Questions:
1) Country Weekly recently did an CW Exclusive about Eric Church...What town did the reporter travel to with Eric and Katherine?
2) Name the three bonus tracks offered on "Carolina" at Best Buy Stores?
3) What new Eric Church song contains the lyrics...
"I wanna feel it swing I wanna feel it sway"?
4) Name one of Eric and Katherine's Dogs?
5) What store chain did Eric have a few acoustic sets, and M&G's in during the week "Carolina" was released?


Past Trivia Q's & A's

January February
1) What does Eric like to eat on his fries? Mustard
2) Eric is playing/played three Texas dates in December along beside this musician...__Robert Early Keen__.
3) The last full band ECB show of 2009 was held in __Greensboro__, N.C.
4) Name the EC song that talks about quitting "these damn cigerettes". Ain't Killed Me Yet
5) The company _Music__ City__ networks recently took over

1) Eric graduated high school in the year _1995_???
2)What are 2 of Ed Smoak's musical influences? (Answers will vary)
3) When Eric gets really into a song while playing live he begins to march on stage...Choir members call this move "The Church _Stomp_!!!"
4) What famous venue did the ECB play in this year that had ties to Buddy Holly? The Surf Ballroom
5) _Todd_ is Eric's manager.
1) The following Eric Church quote is taken from a recent interview with American Songwriter , “Not many people make records any more,” he opines. “A lot of people in this town make _SINGLES___?...and they hope they end up with a record. (Fill in the blank)
2) The 2008 Church Choir reunion is going to take place in the city of __HICKORY___, NC.
3) The song,"_MICHAEL_" didn't make the cut for the new album, "Carolina"...the title is the name of a person. ("that’s probably the greatest song I’ve ever written,” Church says)
4)"Carolina" is set to be released in the month of__SEPTEMBER__.
5) Name another artist/band that has a song called, "Julia". __THE BEATLES__

April Trivia...
1) "_Carolina_ " is the title track of Eric's upcoming album?
2) Eric recently made a bet with an Atlanta DJ that the __softball__ team at South Caldwell(EC's High School) would win in a game against St. Stephens.
3) Eric gave this quote: "I can't do Alan Jackson music any better than Alan Jackson. Can't do it. I'm not gonna beat him. I'm not gonna beat George Strait at George Strait. I'm not gonna beat Tim McGraw at Tim McGraw." during an interview at a country music festival in the state of__California__.
4)Recently Lee Hendricks, the Bass player for the ECB started making __Bracelets or "basslets"__ out of his old bass guitar strings.
5)What was the recent April fools rumor about Eric and Katherine??? A: That they were having a baby!

FEB/MARCH Trivia...
1) __Dolce & Gabbana__ designed Eric Church's Tux for his recent wedding in the NC Mountians.
2) One of the newest Eric Church songs that the band has been playing live is called "My _heart__ has a _memory__."
3) Eric Church recently judged what kind of food on an episode of "Throw Down with Bobby Flay"? __Biscuits__ 
4) Eric Church punked, _Luke____ _Bryan___, a fellow country music singer over a Christmas radio interview.
5) This radio show has recently gone on an "Eric Church" gear strike, refusing to wear anything with EC's name on it because they were not invited to his wedding...  "__Cassidy__&__Craig___"

1) __Driver_____, the rocking member of the ECB was recently engaged.
2) Eric thinks this day of the year is a little "overrated"..._NEW_ _YEARS_ _EVE_.
3) This red _DR. __PEPPER_ soda hat is one of Eric's many greasy ball caps that he wears on stage.
4) The ECB's last show of 2007 was held in_DULUTH_, GA.
5)The intro to the live version of Sinner's Like Me usually begins with this cover song..."_SUNDAY__ _MORNING__ _COMING_ _DOWN_."


1) The boys have changed the melody and tempo of this song_The_ _Hard_ _Way_, off of Sinners Like Me when when playing it live at shows.

2) We recently had the 2007 Church Choir reunion in the town of_Morganton_, NC.

3) The ECB'S mostly recent single that is currently playing on country radio is_Sinners_ _Like_ _Me_.

4)The ECB live show in _Memphis_, TN was voted best live show by the Church Choir during our ECAwards.

5) Name three singer/songwriters that Eric has been influenced by___Haggard___,__Kris Kristofferson___,__Jennings___. (There were lots of answers I accepted for this question!)

6)These 4 cities have been the site of past Tree Choir events _Raleigh__,  Nashville__,__Chicago__, and__Detroit____. (Portland and Chattanooga too!)

7)Eric wears this color hat in the "Two Pink Lines Video, __Camo___.

8)Eric says "I wouldn't be who I am today...With out those I've loved along _the way__."?
9)Craig Wright, Eric's Drummer is also involved with another band called, " __Fugitive______ Glue."

10) Eric is a diehard Duke fan. TRUE or FALSE?


1) Eric's green hat came from ___Abercrombie__& Fitch.
2) Fill in the missing words in this Eric Church love song: "your my _compass_ when I get _anchor_ when I get tossed...."
3) The girl in one of Eric's new song's won't leave his _willie_ alone!
4) Eric was _13_ years old when he started writting songs.
5) EC has __2__ siblings.
6) The ECB toured in __Canada_,a non-US country.
7) Eric was engaged at one time? True or False?
8) Eric and _Victoria_ _Shaw_ wrote "Two Pink Lines".
9) In "What I almost Was" Eric is putting in time on ___sixtenth__ __avenue__.
10) "_Fat_ __Bottom_ __Girls_", a Queen song has been covered recently by the ECB at live shows.

1) Where was the first "Sinner's Like Me" photo session held?(Album Cover)
2)What new Eric Church song talks about a one time meeting with a girl on the beach?
3)Who are two of the major entertainers that Eric has opened
A: Brad P, Dierks B, Rascal F, Bob S...etc.
4)What County Music Award is Eric Church referring to in the Quote below?
(4 words):
A: Album of the Year
“You can have all the entertainers you want,” he said. “_____ 
___ ____ _____ is the one I’m after, so hopefully some point in time, we’ll be able to do that.”
5) What are two of the many songs that the ECBand usually incorporates into "How Bout You" while playing it live?
A: Black Betty, Roll Me Away,  Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way, Satisfaction, etc...

6)What was the name of the the BBQ restaurant where Eric played his first gig ever? *Hint: It's in Blowing Rock, NC
A:Woodland's Barbeque
7)What are two heavy metal bands that Driver has been on the road with before joining the ECBand?
8)Where is Jeff Hyde from?
9)What words go in the blanks in this EC song lyric? :
"I ain't got his kind of_money_but he ain't got my kind of _love_"
10) Where was the picture below taken?
A:Homecoming show, Spartan Stadieum Granite Falls, NC


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Good Luck!

1) What do Eric and the Home Shopping Network have in common?

A: Eric worked the night shift for the HSN.

2) In an interview what Brad Paisley song did Eric say that he wished he had written?

A:"When I get where I'm going"

3) What "City" was Eric given the key to?

A: Granite Falls, NC

4) What is Eric’s college degree from App. State in?

A: Business/Marketing

5) Eric has a childhood memory about being 4-years old and standing on a table in a restaurant singing what song to the waitresses and customers?


6) What are three sports that Eric played in high school?

A:Baseball, Basketball,  and Golf

7) What song did Eric write for Terri Clark?

A:"The World Needs A Drink"

8) What is the following jumbled song title?


A:"What I Almost Was"

9) What is one of Driver’s favorite EC songs to play? *Hint:(He likes this one because he gets to jam on the acoustic guitar)

A: "These Boots"

10) Where is Eric in the picture below?

A: After Midnight Radio Show

Question #10...

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Over 6/30/2007
*Note: Answers have been added
1) What are the first names of all the members of Eric's Band?
A: Lee, Driver, Craig, Ed, Jeff and Eric(optional)
2) Name one of the song titles that will be on Eric's NEXT Album? (*hint: He's been playing some of them at recent shows)
A: "Julia", "Those I've Loved Along the Way", "Leave My Willie Alone" or any others that he has played recently counted!
3)Eric said that Miranda Lambert had a nice what?
c)Dog A: DOG
4)How old is Eric?
A: 30
5)What Eric song was inspired by the movie "The Green Mile"?
6)Eric sings about a place where his boots helped him run away from the cops. Name that place?
A: Tupelo
7)Does Eric like Dog's or Cat's better?
A: Dogs
8)Who paid for Eric's first 6 months in Nashville?
A:Eric's Dad, Ken Church (optional)
9)What Music Label is Eric on?
A: Capitol Nashville
10) Name one of the cover songs that Eric plays frequently at concerts?(There can be more than one answer for this question)
A: "Black Betty", "The Shape I'm In", "The Weight", "Night Moves", "Satisfaction", "Ophelia", "Rolling Stone" or any others that Eric has covered recently

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"I come from a long line of Sinners like me"-EC