Some of my Eric Related Pics:

Visiting Granite Falls NC

All Aboard the Redneck Yacht Club with EC in NC

Me with Up and Coming EC Fan

Uh....What can I say?!

EC and Me:
  • Favorite EC lyrics: "I'm a fan of Faulkner books, and anything my momma cooks..."   and  "You're my compass when I get anchor when I get tossed..."
  • Favorite ECB Show: Greensboro, NC  11/22/2009 because it took place in the city i grew up in.
  • Favorite ECB Song: "Lotta Boot", "These Boots" and "PATTHag"
  • Favorite EC Quote: "I was raised in a Christian...Baptist family-—the religion of contradictions...” -EC
  • Why am I a "Church Choir " Member?: I simply love the music of Eric never have to go to a show by yourself...The Choir is always there in full force!


About ME!

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Wild Irish Rose
I give Eric Church Two Thumbs Up!

Gone Fish'n
Me with a big 'ol bass!

Ok guys, Here's the scoop on yours truly...

My name is Lee Harris-Haywood Board Name: WildIrishRose

AIM or Yahoo: CountryRockStars  (Add Me and Say Hello!)

I’m from Ophir, North Carolina which is located in the Uwharrie National Forest near Troy, NC. Population: About 100.

I’m 26 years old and I teach elementary art to about 700 students a week! I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with my BFA in Painting and Art Education. I also practice taxidermy part time...haha... photograph weddings and run my own business, Ophir Skeet Field:

My husband and I live on a farm in Montgomery County,NC where we grow over 100,000 chickens and raise up some beef cattle!

I discovered Eric Church after hearing his first single "How Bout You" and reading an article in a local newspaper about Eric being a NC boy. I bought the cd and I couldn't listen to it enough...every song was awesome. I saw him at the state fair in 2006 and couldn’t wait to get home and start this WebPage!

Here's Some interesting info about me:

My hobbies:

Art, Writing, Music, Concerts, Vintage Clothes Shopping, Fishing, Hunting, Four-Wheeling, Camping, Kayaking, I love Sports: (Ice Hockey, Rugby, Baseball, Softball, Volleyball), Building Webpages, Buying CD’s, and Collecting Hats.

Favorite musicians besides Eric Church:

Oasis, Ryan Adams,Jesse Malin,The Verve,The Strokes,The Stereophonics,Black Rebel Motocycle Club,The Old 97s,The Violent Femmes,Jet,The Band,The Beatles,CCR,J. Cash,The "Hag", Waylon,Elvis,Whiskytown,REM, Wilco,Gary Allen, Chris Cagle, Rodney Atkins, The Warren Brothers, Tim McGraw, Josh Turner, Luke Bryan, Jamey Johnson, Trent Tomllinson, Shooter Jennings, and Hank III…...there are sooo many more.....I could go on and on...

Favorite Movies:

Trainspotting,Snatch,Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels,Traffic,Interview with a Vampire,Brokeback Mountain,Oh Brother Where Art Thou?,American History X,Gladiator,A Beautiful Mind,The Sandlot,Field of Dreams,Mystery Alaska,Forest Gump,The Recruit,Live Forever,Unforgiven, Smokin Aces, Jarhead, Saving Private Ryan, Full Metal Jacket, The Breakfast Club, Dazed and Confused...and the list goes on...

Favorite TV Show: True Blood, Prison Break ,Deadliest Catch, Dirty Jobs

Favorite Book: The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

Biggest pet peeve: Missing the previews at the movies!

Lee At the BBQ Festival Lexington, NC

I would like to say thank you to anyone who is reading this page because I know you probably looked through everything else on the site first...I would have...ha! I appreciate you visiting WILD IRISH ROSE and keep listening and supporting Eric Church! The "fans make the man!"
Country music fans are the best fans around so keep buying records, attending concerts and buying merchandise and I know our favorite artists will keep on keeping on!

Visit me online...


"I come from a long line of Sinners like me"-EC