Aaron's (Shriverdiver) Reviews

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Aaron's (Shriverdiver) Reviews:

Aaron and Eric
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Aaron's ECB SCHS Show Album

5/20/2007 South Caldwell High School...By:Aaron
Ok hey guys let me first start of apologiaing now for the spelling I'm tired.
We got to the school around 8am. The girls dropped quinton and I off and went back to the hotel. We Were the first ones in line. I then got to meet alot of new choir buddies but yall didnt feel new to me it was like i have known yall for a long time. Well we saw brandon and driver early in the morning both of them were surprised that we were thier but Thier was someone even more surprised I think. We'll get to that in a few well gates opened I got my ticket ripped fist then we got let in at 2:00. They let 20 in at a time, well some people wanted to run in front of us and I could tell they were non choir members so I ran As quick as I can and all the choir members thier got some of the best seats in the house. Well we got interviewed for the cmt cams bout our tats and how far we drove. well Eric takes the stage and come right over to me and gives me one huge high five he was exicted to see his mid south choir in his hometown. Well the show started off with 2 pink lines and the day took off.. IT was amazing words can't describe it but here's my highlights. Eric starting singing cant take it with you. He knows thats on of my fav. song because of the line shes gaining fast on memphis well we all planed in our group that when that line came on we would yell memphis out loud well I think ec had the same idea. Cause that line of the song came and just as we yelled out memphis he pointed both hands staight at us like he was CONDUCTING HIS CHOIR!!!!! it was perfectly on cue and he didnt sing the word memphis real loud cause I think he knew We were going to back him up on that part... Well after that song he asked who here goes to south caldwell some yells who dosent go here some more yells who lives in north carolina some yells who is from out of state more yells who is a part of my choir some more yells and then he said and WHO drove more than 7 hrs to get here tonight and you heard about 4 yells he the whole place as he pointed straight to us again. See This is why I know ec is Going far. He was in his hometown and still reconized that we were thier. But hold on it gets better. Let me tell ya I fell in love with the new sinners like me lets call it the SUNDAY MORNING SINNERS LIKE ME COMMING DOWN or something like that he took sunday morning comming down and led it straight into sinners like me WOW he he i got it on vid but i'll post those in the next few days.. well when kim went on stage was a cool thing. She was represting the choir and eric was shocked, in what we did for him. ANd kim you deserve that guitar for all your hard work and I'm pround of you. But I love the way eric signed the guitar How he wrote TO MY CHOIR in that point in time I felt like he gave us all something in return.... Eric surprised me with a few new songs I have yet to hear of them actually willie, a song called make it look and the two amazing slow songs.. I loved the song the people we've loved the grandfatehr line was a little tear jerking I do have to admit. Ok now to after the show the line to meet eric had to be atleast 3 city blocks long. and we knew if we got in line we would never make it to work so we went by the bus were we have had good luck a 100% of the time. Well this time was almost kinda hard for me. Mark I think is his name came over to me and said where going to clear this field of everyone well most of the people on the field was choir members waiting for a group photo. He then said your aaron right I said yes he said well eric told me to get you and your gang put off to the side so he can talk to us first cause he knew what kind of a drive we had. Well then they tried kicking the choir members of the field I grabbed mark and said hey eric told us he would do a quick choir photo so can we atleast keep choir members down here well ec came off the bus came over to us and we had a little chat well then we got to get our choir photo. Which is an amazing shot by the way. well i was on cloud 9 since 4 pm yesterday and its now 4:42 today and i'm still thier but I have got to get some rest before the game tonight. It was so cool meeting yall can't wait ot do it again Wow what a great last 24hrs probably one of the best in my life......

"I come from a long line of Sinners like me"-EC