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Nicole's(gormarburMOE) Show Reviews:

Nicole and Eric in Morganton, NC
Nicole's Reviews

Chicago 5/8/2007 By: Moe!

Well let's see I left Michigan at about 2:00. I had a four hour ride to Chicago. The ride was a little boring being alone but I played SLM all the way so I guess Eric kept me company!! Angela and I were texting each other once I got to Indiana. Everything was smooth sailing until I go about 30 minutes from downtown. Everything was backed up and there was an accident. It was like 6:30 and the doors opened at 7:00. I finally make it to North Ave. I had been talking to Angela trying to figure out how long I had before I got there. Angela talked me into coming to her house! I got there about ten to 7:00. Time is important here I'm getting to it!! Thanks Angela for letting me see Eric on WGN! I would have missed out completely if it weren't for you! So we're sitting there and I thinking we need to get moving little did I know there was an hour time difference boy did I feel like an idiot. So we hung out at Angela's house until 7 or so. I met her cute little Daughter Kayla. She is a little sweetie!! So we decided to drive there together. I left my car at her house and we drove to Joe's.

We get to Joe's and found a great parking spot! (or so we thought, but more on that later) We get all our stuff and head off to the show. We went in and Angela got her meet and greet sticker. After that we went outside to see where Eric's bus was. It was a blast hanging out back there. Angela you were braver that the both of us. We have to be more stealthy next time!! After a while we went back in and got in line to get in! We met up with a few choir members and it was really nice to meet all of you last night!

At 9:15 or so we were able to get in Angela went off to the meet and greet while Becky and I secured our spot near the front! Met some people from Michigan which was kind of neat. The guy I talked to said he didn't know who Eric was. I told him he wouldn't be disappointed by the end of the show. Well about that time Curly came back. She had taken my choir shirt back to Eric to have him sign it. He signed it and wrote Moe, Larry and Curly Love the shirt! Eric Church. It was so awesome. He really thought it was a cool shirt! So everything was going great right. Angela decided to take everything back to the car only to find the car was missing It was towed because it was in a no parking area. Mind you we looked to make sure it was okay and didn't see a sign. The sign we found out afterwards was behind a tree branch. So that put a damper on the evening. We put it out of our minds for a while and enjoyed the concert.

Eric was great last night!! He was really having fun up there!! Took a few shots of JD and and beer! He played the usual with some oldies throw in! The ECB was awesome as usual. Gotta lov'em. They are the best!! So during the show I had my phone on so that Larry(Lauren) could feel like she was with us. I made up a sign that said Mustangirl is listening!! Eric read the sign and grabbed my phone long enough to yell in Hi Lauren!! It was so cool! I don't think Eric even knows my name he knows me but I don't think he remembers my name! So glad you got to enjoy the show with us Larry! The ECB Stooges were kind of together last night even though you couldn't be there with us!! It was a great concert! When the show was done Craig gave his drum stick which I gladly took! Then the band came back out so I had them all sign my shirt. Thanks again for taking the time to sign. We know you had to put everything away. You guys work so hard and we love ya for it!! We headed for the M&G line and made sure we were close to the end. Got trampled when the people on the patio started rushing in when it started raining. I had beer dumped on me which wasn't a good feeling at all. Anyways we get closer to Eric. Meeda and Kim went first, then Becky and Kim, then it was my turn. Told him long time no see(just saw him last Tuesday!)He laughed and gave me a hug. He wanted to know which show was better the one last Tuesday or last night. He kind of took me by surprise with the question. I didn't know what to say. So Eric if you read this I love all your shows! I can't pick a favorite because each one is special to me! They all stand out in my mind!! I thanked him for letting me come in for the private show again! I had him sign my other choir shirt for my mom who couldn't be there. I told him I couldn't wait for NC! Then I gave him his gum. He said he has it all in a big drawer!! And he said he loves it, even stuck his gum out to show me he was chewing gum at the time! It was time for a picture then. So Eric pulled me really close and Mark took the picture but Eric moved to soon so we had to do another one. So he pulled me close again and posed for another!! Gotta love for it. He is just awesome and such a sweetie!! I said bye and told him I would see him in Granite Falls!! We hung out with Meeda and Kim for a while and then back to reality. How are we getting home???

We decided to take a cab back to Curly's house and get my car so we could figure out what impound lot it was in! Who would have thought that when we were joking around earlier about being behind bars with the fence by Eric's bus that Angela's car would be behind bars. So we head to the lot that someone told Angela it would be. As we are standing outside of it what should go by but Eric's tour bus. Well after about an hour or so we finally found Angela car!!! And we called it a night!! I have to say it was a blast I have met some of the nicest people from this board and I am proud to call them all friends!!! Curly I am so glad I decided to come out it was a blast! Hope you had a good time too!!! Hoping you and Larry can make it out to the Michigan show so we can have a ECB Stooges reunion!!!!!!!

"I come from a long line of Sinners like me"-EC